About us

Security for nice people, by nice people!

3S Partnerships are a high-quality security specialist dedicated to providing safe, effective and professional services.

In 2013, Lex, our Managing Director, made the decision to use his experience in the security industry and his knowledge of conflict resolution to set-up his own security business. He had a vision that security would provide a friendly addition to a business at the same time as ensuring safety and security. That dream became 3S Partnerships Ltd.

We have helped many organisations implement a positive and effective security strategy. Which has in turn, improved their profit and reputation. Our staff are not only great at providing a safe and secure service, they also improve your customer relations. Security staff are often your customer's first point of interaction with your premises. We know how vital it is that they make a good impression.

We’ve helped a number of clients in the private and public sectors. Those clients include hospital facilities, cocktail bars, members’ clubs, private functions, business premises, hotels, high-fashion pop-up events and educational seminars. We believe value for money comes, not in cutting corners, but in preparing the best possible security strategy for your business.

We inform you about what makes a good security strategy. We know how it can save you money and protect your reputation in the long run. Talk to us today about how we can help you build an effective security strategy for your business and for your brand. 

The psychology of being nice

Everyone likes it when someone else is nice to them. It makes them feel calm, relaxed, valued and respected. Despite common belief and some outdated practices in the security industry, having authority doesn’t have to mean being aggressive. Nice-ness is an asset.  Our staff are able to build a safe and controlled atmosphere using a calm and assertive authority with respect for all people. We train all of our staff in the power of being nice.

We only recruit nice people who fit with our ethos. Think you have what it takes to work with 3S Partnerships? Get in touch to find out how to get involved. 

10 Reasons Why 3S Partnerships?

  1. 30 years’ experience in the security industry
  2. 12 years’ experience training security personnel
  3. Clear purpose with affirmative, assured messaging 
  4. Business savvy with a human centre
  5. Services provided by design, not luck
  6. Track record of client focused success
  7. In-house coaching for our leaders 
  8. In-house mentoring for our service providers
  9. Motivated people - delivering better results
  10. Open and responsive lines of communication