Nice People at 3S Partnerships

We’re different from other security services. We don’t see numbers, we see humans. We care about the wellbeing of our staff because happy staff make happy clients. Here's a selection of our great team..


Managing Director

Meet Lex Showmuni
As the director of 3S Partnerships, I'll help you grow your reputation by curating and building your security team.

My passion is helping people to improve, develop and grow. As a conflict resolution consultant, I've trained hundreds of people to develop a controlled, calm assertiveness, as this approach produces a more effective response than aggression in most situations.

With over 30 years' experience in the security industry I've worked as a Close Protection Officer (Body Guard), Security Guard, Security Training Manager, Team Leader and a troubleshooter - helping venues put a security strategy in place to manage and minimise problems.

I love knowing that my clients are able to sit back and enjoy their event without the stress of worrying about security issues…


Leanne Davies

Our in-house trainer
Specialises in leadership and management

Leanne delivers leadership and management workshops for 3S Partnerships and is instrumental in developing our staff training programme. With Leanne’s insights and advice, we’ve been able to refine the internal style, language and behaviour of the company with impressive results. Along with Lex Showunmi, Leanne facilitates our Conflict Management and Resolution workshops for external businesses and their staff.

Leanne holds a BA from Nelson Mandela University, Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) in Lifelong Learning from the University of Greenwich in London and holds a Certificate in Coaching from the UK Association of Coaching.

Nancy Tanikye-Buah

Our in-house coach
Specialises in personal development

Nancy coaches 3S Partnerships' senior management and site supervisors to provide them with valuable insights into their roles as effective leaders. Her coaching techniques establish clear directions and focused results which support 3S Partnerships in delivering a first-class security service. She helps each supervisor to transition from colleague and friend to team leader and influencer using self-improvement and personal development techniques.

Nancy holds a Bachelor of Law Degree (LLB) from the University of Westminster and an Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching from Animas - Centre of Coaching.

Our security service providers

The heart of 3S Partnerships
Specialises in assertive niceness

Without these guys 3S Partnerships would just be an idea bouncing around in the ether.

In these disposable times, security personnel were tired of being treated like a number and we answered their call.

A little bit of love and consideration goes a long way and we have been able to provide fantastic services to our clients because 'our people' have responded to being seen and treated like human beings. Our teams make sure your guests and customers get that personal but professional touch that makes people feel valued, appreciated and important.

Our teams do a tough job very well and we will continue to support and 'set them up for success' through coaching and mentoring to their needs.