Coaching & Mentoring your staff

We offer a complete coaching and mentoring service on your premises.  We can turn your security staff into an effective, motivated customer friendly and focused team that represents your business in the way you need them to.

Our team coaching techniques are proven to:

  • increase and improve security engagement
  • reduce the cost and inconvenience of staff turnover
  • support and encourage professionalism.

Who’s it for?

This is the training all our team members undergo, and we’re delighted to share our techniques with your inhouse security staff through bespoke training sessions.

What’s covered?

We aim for individuals and teams to practice and deliver assertive, confident niceness as a means of bringing out the best in others. Niceness isn’t a weakness when practised in this way; it is a strength that positively impacts others even if they don’t openly express how it made them feel.

To this end, your security personnel will understand how their service truly impacts the business, clients and customers they are there to look after. Most importantly, we get them to act towards being the positive difference-maker within their current roles.

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