Conflict Management Workshops

Our unique insights taken from the high-risk security and close protection industries have been refined into 'real world' tools that make an immediate difference to your team’s way of managing themselves and others in confrontational situations or circumstances.

Who’s it for?

Our conflict management workshops and courses cater to a diverse array of people and industries. Pitched at people who prefer a fun, immersive and ‘interpersonal’ learning experience.

What’s covered?

Championing the use of soft skills in the form of SoftPower©, conflict management isn't about having a black belt or training for MMA skills. Our workshops are designed specifically to address the ongoing issues in organisations who deal with members of the public on a day to day basis. We will show your staff how to manage themselves before trying to manage others to easily achieve positive and constructive outcomes.

Our workshops are not facilitated by 'actors' but by qualified trainers who have 'been there, done that' in the real world and are experienced in managing different levels of conflict from the 'day to day' to the unexpected 'out of the blue' scenarios which require immediate attention.

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